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Seable Art Work



If you find a artwork that you love and do not have the means available we have a lay away plan.  Contact me by phone or e-mail for details.    541 659 4106     seable_art@yahoolcom
Adagio:Two handed bird: 16" bronze, $2500 (limited edition) 

Adagio: Airplane spin: 13" bronze, $3000 (one of a kind) 

Adagio: Arabesque: 11" bronze, $1750 (limited edition) 

Adagio: Side bird: 14" bronze, $2500 (limited edition) 

Adagio: Leg lift: 16" bronze, $2500 (limited edition) 

Abraham: After the test: 28" bronze, $4000 (limited edition) 

Cast stone copy available: $900.   

Abraham: Take thy son: 14" bronze, $3500 (limited edition) 

Abraham: The covenant child: 23.5" bronze, $3500 (limited edition) 
Also available in URETHANE  or cast stone $800. 

The Accuser: 23.5" bronze, $4000 (limited edition)

Sorrow: 11.5" bronze, $2800 (limited edition) 


Family: 21" bronze, $4000 (new sculpture Dec.1st; limited edition) 


Close up of patina in natural light

 Catch and release: 11" x 14" clay, $700 (one of a kind). 

Family: 21" glazed stoneware, $600. 

Family: 7" glazed stoneware with marble base, $100 each. 

Family: 24" unglazed clay, $500 (one of a kind) 

Mother and Child: 13" earthenware clay, $500. 

Mother and Child standing: 23" glazed stoneware, $900 (one of a kind) 

Ezekiel 37: 21" fiberglass, $2500 (limited edition; available in bronze) 

Miners: Burnt Beans: 11" clay, $500 (one of a kind) 

Miners: Eureka: 11" clay, $500 (one of a kind) 

PAINTINGS: Much of my art work is commissioned so some originals are not available but many are reproduced as Giclee prints and may be purchased at a considerable savings by comparison. Prints have one advantage.  They can be reproduced in various sizes on canvas or archival paper and delivered in a tube or  with a "gallery wrap" frame for a fee, depending on size.  A Gallery wrap frame is where the painting extends around the corners of the painting so it may be hung unframed. A repaint or touch up with acrylic can further customize o meet your needs.  Price is determined by size and material, and whether it is framed or unframed.  If you have a  need for a custom frame the print can be shipped  directly to you in a tube.  Feel free to call me with special requests or questions. 541 659 4106 or 541 956 9122 and leave a message.

Summer steel head: Giclee prints: Example; size 30"x40"  Shipped in a tube--$700.

Whales mother and calf:  24"x 48",  Print on canvas, unframed.   $700. 

Two Whales: 28"x 42"  Print on canvas, unframed.  $700. 

Three Whales:  24"x 44"  Print on canvas,unframed.  $700.  

Winter drift: 24"x 42" , unframed   $700.  

Fall Run:   16"x 20" unframed  $400.    
                 20"24"  unframed   $500    

Chinese Venice:    24"x 36"  unframed $700.   .                          
                            20"x 24"  unframed $500.   

Bejing winter market:    20"x 24"  unframed $500. 
                                    16"x 24"  unframed $400.  

Bejing summer market:     20" x 24" unframed $500. 
                                        16' x 24" unframed $400

Beijing Forbidden City:      20" x 24" unframed $500. 

Salmon spawn Alaska: 9" x 12" unframed $300. 

Pendleton wheat: 9" x 12" unframed $300. 

Eastern Oregon storm: 9" x 12" unframed $300. 

Cascade meadow:     9"x 12"   unframed $300  

Other art works can be viewed on our web site
If you don't see what you want, I can paint a scene especially for you.   S. Seable

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Stephan's Art Work

This Simeon figure was first commissioned in stoneware for a retiring Stake President. A few copies in Urethane have been sold. It has generated enough interest to be cast in a limited edition in bronze.
"Abraham and Isaac"
This piece was commissioned by a friend,and depicts the young Issac throwing his arms around the father he loves. Father Abraham cannot respond in kind because he has been commanded to sacrifice this precious boy. His body language and expression pleads for a way out. I am considering this as the first of a trilogy depicting this great test.

"Rogue River Steelhead" (foot Bridge)
The beautiful river here with its salmon and steelhead runs, is one of the perks of living in Grants Pass.
I have wrestled with this rather large painting for a long time. It is near completion.

"The Accuser"
It is time to cast a limited edition of this piece. Close examination tells it all. It is one of my favorites.

We have been busy and blessed with many things to fill our time. We have joy in our posterity and friends. Life doesn,t get better than this.

Monday, March 09, 2009



Faidra Jeanne Seable born 5 March. (Big sister Naomi)
Seventh child for Adam and Holly

River Durham born 24 February. Fourth child of Ali and Tom.